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5 Reasons Why You Need To Scrub Regularly


by Lam Nguyen

A year ago


5 Reasons Why You Need To Scrub Regularly

by Lam Nguyen

A year ago


In daily skin care routine, it is never enough for you to only wash your face with cleanser alone. Cleansing the face removes dirt and grease from the surface of the skin. It does not remove the dead skin cells and does not stimulate the production of new skin cells such as exfoliation.

Today, I’ll show you how important using scrubs is, both on your face and on your body skin.

Why You Should Use Sugar Scrub More Regularly

Using Scrub Helps Smoothen And Brighten Your Skin


Naturally, our skin surprisingly produces about 5 billion new cells every day. Old cells, or dead cells, will automatically peel off and fall out.

However, for many reasons, the dead cells do not fall but cling to the surface of the skin, gradually creating a thick layer of horn. The dirt easily builds up on your skin which makes it become dry and dull and expand pores..


When we scrub dead cells regularly, the skin becomes smoother, brighter and healthier.


Using Scrub Helps Prevent Acne

At the same time, regularly exfoliating also works to prevent and support acne treatment effectively. The dead cells, then, accumulate too much together with dirt, sebum that clogs the sealed pores. Therefore, the skin is not able to absorb all the good substances from the outside.

This is the good environment for bacteria to multiply and work, causing acne.

You may already know that your skin is very acne-sensitive and weak. So, you need to perform gentle operations with the type of products suitable to avoid acne worse.


Using Scrub Helps Reverse The Signs Of Aging

Studies show that the process of self-removal of dead skin cells occurs strongly before the age of 30. From 30 years and older, the cycle of skin regeneration will slow down fast.

As a result, skin cells become more difficult to peel. It will leave a thick layer on the surface of the skin, causing skin dehydration, limiting the regeneration of new cells. Eventually, it leads to many premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, tan, brown spots, freckles, and dryness.


Regular exfoliation will promote rapid regeneration of the skin, remove dirt and debris deep in the pores, and help keep the young beauty.


Using Scrub Is Also An Effective And Simple Relaxation Method

In addition, scrubbing off the exfoliated skin will help blood circulation better, making the skin rosy and support the stress relief for her effectively.

What’s the better way to feel the smooth and silky skin after use?

See more Green Ferns massage oil products:


Using Scrub Helps Your Skin Absorb Better Nutrients

Fresh skin after cleansing will provide the best foundation for skin absorption of nutrients, thereby optimizing the effect of the types of care products you choose.


So, if your skin becomes rough and dull, pores will widen and create uneven color. In addition, as the effect of cosmetics is not high and the skin does not get improved, you need to exfoliate immediately.


Only add this step to the skincare cycle, you will soon see the change on your skin every day.


A Few Tips To Have The Best Scrubbing Effects:

Although exfoliating is a very necessary and important step for the skin, applying 1-2 times a week is sufficient.  You should not abuse too much, causing the skin to easily wear out, weaken and damage the skin.

People at the age of 25 and older should regularly exfoliate at least twice a week.

Facial exfoliation should be more careful if your skin is sensitive or in the condition of acne, pruritus, rash. The best way to exfoliate the skin for sensitive skin is to use natural and non-bleaching ingredients.


That’s why we came up with the best salt or sugar scrubs that can provide you with not only good exfoliation time but also good nutrients to your skin.


The Green Ferns Sugar Scrub with 100% organic ingredients is an effective solution to clean lightly and provide the humidity for all kind of skins. Our Sugar Scrub exfoliates, removes dirt and dead cells on your skin without over-drying. With the sweet scents and moisturizing effect, our Sugar Scrub helps nourish your skin smoothly, softly and brightly.



To enhance skin care improvement, use our best organic lotion after the exfoliation process.


Wish you always beautiful and successful!



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