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[Best Organic Lotion Event] What To Learn To Prepare For Your Trade Show


by Lam Nguyen

A year ago


[Best Organic Lotion Event] What To Learn To Prepare For Your Trade Show

by Lam Nguyen

A year ago


So last weekend, we had the first live event at Orange County Market Place. The event was phenomenal, and we have made so many great lessons.

What Is Our Great Piece Of Lessons When Selling The Best Organic Lotions At The Trade Show?

Lesson 1: Be Good At Planning What To Bring

On our first day, we came unprepared on most of the things: layout, stock boxes, tables, etc. We drove in the SUV and took 16 boxes of all our different scents of lotions. Yes, 16 boxes! You wouldn’t imagine how much time we spent on unloading and loading our lotion jars again into our car.

On our second day, absolutely, we learned from it; that’s why we cut down from 16 to 9 boxes. That was a big improvement!

Lesson 2: Only Carry As Much As You Can In One Turn.

We set up 4 tables at our booth. 2 of the tables were placed in a different car and we could not drive it in; that’s why one in our team had to carry 2 large folding tables in 2 hands. That was one of the most courageous actions that he’s ever taken! The next day, his energy totally went downhill.

No matter how rushed you are, if you’re also responsible for holding the event, always be mindful of your health.

Lesson 3: Be Smart And Bright In Your Booth Design

For some reason, I made the not-so-smart decision when buying the tablecloth for our booth tables. Our lotion jar has a black color. For any product that has a dark color like that, you are supposed to have white table cover on top. And nope! I went black for it. Our whole booth looked so dark.

On the next day, we changed it into white color. It made everything more outstanding and brighter.

Lesson 4: Booth Layout Again! Don’t Be Afraid Of Showcasing Your Products In Front Of The Booth

On the first day, we want to create more space for our customers to go in and visit our booth. However, honestly, since It was our first time, people wouldn’t pay much attention to our booth (thanks to our black tablecloth!)

So we decided to change the layout and bring one table up the front of the booth and display our 2 most popular scent: Black Amethyst and Japanese Cherry Blossom.

It worked! People started to be more interested and got to try out our best organic lotions. And they totally fell for the smell and the feel of it on their skins.

What Fun Did We Enjoy When Selling The Best Organic Lotions?

The experience was spectacular! We realized that many middle-aged women were worried about what they put on and the ingredients inside our lotion. They loved the fact that we offered 100% organic, and vegan-friendly products and that’s what they’ve been looking for so far.

They love our friendliness and our sincerity in bringing the best value to them. That’s also our motto. We want our clients to have the best experience with our products. Some people are, though, have too sensitive skins. They are allergic to nuts (common!), aloe (now that we know), and have eczema.

We are here to take good care of your skin, but not treat your skin problem

We’re so sorry to hear some people are dealing with some skin issues like eczema, rashes, etc. However, lotions, in general, are meant to make your skin smoother and softer, but not to treat the bad condition of your skin. We would recommend you see some good dermatologist locally to get it treated as soon as possible.

But if you’re okay with our natural ingredients, feel free to check out our shop and get your favorite scent now.


100% Ogranic Ingredients best organic lotion


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