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How Important Is Body Massage Oil To Your Skin Care?

How Important Is Body Massage Oil To Your Skin Care?

by Lam Nguyen

2 months ago


How Important Is Body Massage Oil To Your Skin Care?

by Lam Nguyen

2 months ago

How Important Is Body Massage Oil To Your Skin Care?

Are you stressed out and exhausted about your hectic life? Are you looking for a relaxing therapy for yourself? This article will show you what therapy relaxes not only your mind, your skin but also your muscles.

  1. Body massage oil is brutal to your skin beauty!

Body skin is like face skin, if you don’t take care of it well, it will be wrinkled, dark and lifeless.

Many people take care of their face skin very well but neglect body skin care. It is a very misconception.

So how can you properly do body skincare?

Besides moisturizing, exfoliation and shower gel, using moisturizing massage oil is essential.

You may wonder, why oil not lotion? Read this article to distinguish between body oil and body lotion.

All skin areas from the neck down will be able to revitalize with intensive body products delivering the same results as what you would normally wear on your face. Green Ferns has done multiple research and came up with outstanding massage oils, one of which is Japanese Cherry Blossom massage oil.

With completely natural and benign ingredients, it dissolves and removes sweat, dirt but still retains the moisture and natural oils of your body skin. Since then, it helps smoothen the skin, cleans the body and prevents skin aging.

Style Craze also indicated that massage oil is the great source of relieving muscle pain and provides essential nutrients and oxygen to your skin.

Our massage oil is a combination of natural oils including base oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil combined with the appropriate content of pure natural essential oils such as sesame oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, …

These natural oils have been doing a great job in relaxing and beautifying your skin for so many years

importance japanese massage oil green ferns 1

  1.  Tips on keeping your skin moisture during the winter

In order to keep the skin fresh and smooth, especially throughout the winter, it is necessary to give special care to your skin, especially moisturizing step. Green Ferns will suggest several simple tips to help provide natural moisture by applying our body massage oils:

– For the neck skin

Massage in a circular motion to warm up the neck skin. It helps all the nutrients in our massage oils absorb deeply inside the cells. What’s more, it keeps the neck skin smooth during cold days, while limiting the shape wrinkles around the neck skin, giving you a white and smooth neck.

– For the body skin:

Clean thoroughly the skin by using some types of exfoliation. Dry body with a towel then uses body massage oil. Doing massage with essential oil is an excellent solution to get rid of fatigue, stimulate blood circulation, and calm your mind.

Besides the essence of moisturizing essential oils, this is one of the steps to provide great moisture to the skin through a combination of massage.

Good news for all ladies who want to lose weight! The full body massage can definitely help you take away the extra fat and balance your body shape.

– For the foot and heel area:

Taking care of your heel is the toughest part of skincare routine. Apply the Japanese Cherry Blossom massage oil on your foot and gently do massage in a circular motion from foot balm towards the toes and then the heels.

It is sad how we barely take good care of it while it is one of the parts that generate the most activities and contacts. The foot massage will help improve your blood circulation, balance your body, and reduce leg strain.

Take care of your feet, they will take you to great places!

For hand skin:

The hand is the “roughest skin part because we use hands to do all the work and it creates the cracked and dry skin or calluses more easily. It is true that you need to nourish the hand skin more often to keep it smooth and soft.

Doing some basic massage on your hands with coconut oil helps blood circulation better while relaxing the muscles and joints of the fingers. In particular, coconut oil prevents aging, keeps the skin always smooth, regardless of the weather.

  1. Green Ferns Japanese Cherry Blossom massage oil is organic, vegan-friendly and gives amazing benefits to your skin

Unlike other generic brands, we use completely organic skin-friendly oils such as olive oil, grape seed oil as a base oil. The base oil can be applied directly to the skin. They are called “base oil” because people often use these oils to dilute pure essential oils.

Pure essential oils such as lavender essential oil, orange, and lemon essential oils, etc. We can only use a certain amount of pure essential oils for the safety of our skin

Unlike those oils, our body massage oils are pre-prepared, committed not to contain additives, thus ensuring no irritation and safety for your skin. More specifically, we blended the base oil with other oils to add other amazing benefits such as fighting against acne, moisturizing and softening skin and helping absorb all nutrients and minerals into your skin.

In winter, combine our massage oil into our best organic lotion to increase the skin warmth and moisture.

See More Natural Ingredients Of Japanese Cherry Blossom Massage Oil

japanese cherry blossom massage oil

Japanese Cherry Blossom massage oil is one of our best-selling products thanks to its beautiful floral scent.

With more different scents, it is suitable to the preferences of each person and we promise to bring you the best massage moments. You like fruit flavor, just choose a Tropical banana massage oil. You are fascinated by the charming scent of Black Amethyst, pick one here.

Do not hesitate to immediately give yourself a perfect massage oil for this winter.

If you have a question, email us at We would clarify all your concerns.

Have a wonderful day,


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