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How to protect your hand skin during COVID-19

How to protect your hand skin during COVID-19

by Lam Nguyen

9 months ago


How to protect your hand skin during COVID-19

by Lam Nguyen

9 months ago

How to protect your hand skin during COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has made tremendous effects on the whole industry and the life of every single person. CDC has warned that we should always wash our hands carefully with soap. As a result, your hand skin is much drier than before. With our organic skin care, it can help moisturize your hand better with the use of alcohol.

How to fight COVID-19 with soft hands

To prevent yourself from getting the pandemic, CDC gave these 5 alerts:

  • Stay home as much as we can
  • Have a social distancing (10 feet)
  • Wash your hands often with soap
  • Cover your head
  • If you feel sick, call the health officials right away.

When you wash your hand with soap or sanitizer, you would have to apply a lot of alcohol into your hands. Alcohol is one biggest culprit of losing water or humidity on your hand.

Here are a few tips to protect your hand from getting dry

1. Wash it with cold water

The cold water can help keep the moisture on your hand while hot water will actually dry your hand more. What’s worse, it doesn’t sanitize your hands better.

What’s more, what most of us tend to forget or ignore is cleaning our hands dry after washing it. One of the reasons is that the bacteria are likely to be spread more easily than the dry hands. That’s why all public restrooms have either the paper towel machines or air dryers. Another main reason is that drying your hands after washing them will keep your hands moist and have more balanced skin.

2. Apply lotion after washing your hands

Lotion has always been one of the solutions to keep your hands soft and smooth after washing them with soap or sanitizer. More importantly, Green Ferns lotions were made of all organic ingredients that can keep your hands moist after hours using the lotions. The ingredients include sesame oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, neem oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, etc.

However, there are certain tips on how to properly apply the lotion on your hands.

First and foremost, it’s better to understand that too much is never a good idea. The same for lotion. First, it makes you feel oily and uncomfortable when doing anything with your hands. Secondly, if applying too much, it will make your skins lazy, which can reduce the time it produces the natural moisture on your hand.

Enough lotion on your hands will help your hands absorb all the nutrients from the organic lotions better. If you have time, 30 minutes of massaging on your hands will also fully help absorb it.

What are Green Fern season lotions?

Green Ferns season lotion consists of all organic ingredients like vegetable oils (sesame oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, neem oil, sunflower oil), vegetable waxes, shea butter, kosher vegetable and vitamin E. No one can argue how much benefits these organic ingredients can give to our skins.

We currently have 8 scents available: Beautiful Day (hot item), Twilight Woods, Tropical Banana, Sweet Pea, Moonlight Path, Lavender Vanilla, Black Amethyst (hot item), Japanese Cherry Blossom (best-selling).





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