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How to rejuvenate your skins with Green Ferns

How to rejuvenate your skins with Green Ferns

by Lam Nguyen

A year ago


How to rejuvenate your skins with Green Ferns

by Lam Nguyen

A year ago

How to rejuvenate your skins with Green Ferns
The tips below will surely help your skin rejuvenate, especially in this upcoming winter season. Use Green Ferns organic lotions & sugar scrubs to see the refreshing looks on your skin.
  1. Utilize a Richer Cream

AAD suggests to properly moisturize the face to reduce wrinkles and fine lines that can be caused when oil glands become less active with age.

The trick is to pump up the deep crevices by using a rich face cream that will keep the skin moisturized. Do not forget to apply the cream on your upper torso and neck while you are at it.

For your body skin, Green Ferns organic lotions are rich in nutrients & natural minerals that can help your skin look refreshing again.


  1. Watch What You Eat

What we eat is directly reflected on the outside of the body, and more importantly on the face. It is a wise choice to eat foods that will be beneficial for your face and body in the long-run.

Steer clear of white carbohydrates, sugar, and dehydrating foods.

Collagen plays an important role in increasing the elasticity of your skin, thus foods like legumes, beans, lean meats, and fish can be taken for this purpose.

As Wu suggests, increase your vitamin C intake for younger-looking skin. She adds the sun can damage our skin over the years and tomatoes can be used to fight it as they are an excellent source of antioxidants. Tomatoes can prevent future damage to the skin and help with sunburn. 


  1. Take Supplements

Do you think the aging of the skin can be prevented? Perhaps. Skin can be locked with moisture with the help of a few seafoods, such as Salmon, as it is packed with Omega 3-s. It prevents wrinkles by delaying the maturing process.

Flaxseed oil or fish oil supplements can be used if you don’t like eating fish, Wu recommends. Fish supplements help to replenish skin’s oil or lipids and thus make it look soft. It is also known to be greatly beneficial and revitalizing for adult acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

However, it is important to ask your doctor to prescribe a relevant supplement according to your needs.


  1. Exfoliate every week

The process of desquamation, which refers to shedding of dead cells and replacing them with new cells naturally, takes place every four weeks. However, this process slows down as we age which leads to clogged pores, dull and flaky skin. Exfoliating on a weekly basis can help remove dead skin cells and result in a brighter looking skin.

Wu suggests using a scrub with rounded particles so as to gently exfoliate the skin and not irritate it. Also, scrubs that use plastic micro-beads should not be used as they cause environmental pollution and can be harmful for the organisms living in the sea. 

Green Ferns sugar scrubs are 100% natural that can help you mildly scrub off dead skin and nourish the skins.

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