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How To Take Care Of Super Dry Skin With Our Sugar Scrubs


by Lam Nguyen

A year ago


How To Take Care Of Super Dry Skin With Our Sugar Scrubs

by Lam Nguyen

A year ago


Understand the nature of super dry skin, how to treat it well and general use on how to use moisturizers and sugar scrubs on this type of skin.

How To Take Care Of  Dry Skin With Our Sugar Scrubs

What Is Dry Skin?

Natural dry skin is the type of skin that does not produce oil. Our skin is based on the amount of natural oil to keep it moist. When not producing oil, the skin becomes rough, dry and wrinkled. This can be explained as follows: your skin has the moisture barrier from natural fat (lipid) that keeps the skin always have the necessary moisture.

When the skin does not produce oil, this barrier will gradually deteriorate and create small, and invisible cracks in the skin surface.


It causes moisture to escape and makes the skin dry and flaky. On the other hand, cracks also make stimulants easier to penetrate into the skin. This is why dry skin is often accompanied by hypersensitivity like numbness, itching, and discomfort. This in turn leads to a decline in collagen and elastin which accelerates the rate of skin aging and causes symptoms of wrinkles and melasma.

Some other causes of skin dryness include climate and environment factors including exposure to chemicals such as detergents and solvents, ultraviolet rays, biological skin aging due to menopausal estrogen deficiency, etc. 

How Can You Treat Dry Skin?

The key to treating dry skin is to repair broken fat barrier (lipid) and prevent moisture loss. The very effective natural oil ingredientswhen dealing with these problems include carrot oil, cranberry essential oil, ceramides, sunflower oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, canola oil, beeswax, sesame oil, etc.

Appropriately use the special serum before moisturizer to increase the effectiveness of the cream.

General rules for skin care for this type of skin

1. Never Use Exfoliants With Strong Peeling Effects

Many people have the habit of using exfoliants with strong peeling effects on their skin to get better results. This is the wrong perception. Use mild exfoliants.

Excessive exfoliating (more than 1 time per week) can cause dehydration and dermatitis. If using The Green Ferns organic sugar scrubs, we should only use it every 2 days.

2. Avoid These Chemical Ingredients

Avoid ingredients like Laureth Sulfate Sodium or Ammonium Sulfate Laureth in all skincare products. If you are use any skin care products that include these ingredients, you remove the moisture from your skin every day and that’s the worst thing that happens to dry skin.

3. Use Humidifier

Use a humidifier in the winter months to keep moisture in the air and in your skin.

What You Should And Should Not Do With Moisturizer

1. You Can Apply 2-In-1 Sunscreen Type

Instead of taking the time to think about which type to use first between sunscreen and moisturizer, you can choose 2-in-1 sunscreen that includes moisturizer. You can use it only during the day.

2. Avoid Moisturizers That Contain Synthetic Fragrance.

People with sensitive skin may react negatively to synthetic fragrances (“parfum” or “fragrance”).

The Green Ferns can proudly say that we do not use any synthetic fragrance that can cause allergies to your skin. That’s one of the reasons why The Green Ferns organic skin care products are allergy-free.

3. Apply Moisturizer To Both Face And Neck Area

The neck is an extension of the face and also needs attention. A beautiful face with a rough neck is something no one wants.

4. Change The Type Of Moisturizers To Fit Climate And Living Environment

Your skin’s ability to maintain moisture is directly correlated with the climate in which you live. If you are accustomed to a humid environment, you can use a moisturizer that you use in the summer may not be enough for the Autumn Winter.

5. Do Not Apply Too Much Moisturizer.

A thick layer of cream on the skin does not solve the problem because the skin absorption is very limited.

When the skin cannot absorb but still has a large amount of cream on your skin, the skin will become clogged and cause acne.

The Green Ferns sugar scrub is made of all-natural ingredients, so it is allergy-free and very mild to use.

Take a look at our collection.

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