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Skin Issues Of The 40s And How To Improve It

Skin Issues Of The 40s And How To Improve It

by Lam Nguyen

2 months ago


Skin Issues Of The 40s And How To Improve It

by Lam Nguyen

2 months ago

Skin Issues Of The 40s And How To Improve It

It’s not unusual that women after the age of 40 experience a lot of health and beauty problems, especially skin. This is an important milestone to maintain the beauty of women.

Read this article to see the reason why and how to improve the skin problem.

1. What Are The Usual Skin Problems Of The 40s?

By the age of 40, most women have been struggling with their skin beauty. Wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, crow’s feet appear on the face more often.

It makes the face look less lively and much older.

Hormonal changes are very common during this period, especially estrogen depletion. This hormone directly affects the function of cells on the skin.

The amount of collagen reduces by 40% compared to an early age. Then, aging will appear faster and wrinkles will appear more often with sagging skin and loss of elasticity. You start to notice that your skin will have larger pores and more dark spots.

These changes are scary to many women, but if you pay attention to the tips below, you will have the opportunity to own healthy and radiant skin.

2. What Are The Secrets For Skin Anti-Aging?

skin issue middle age japanese massage oil

–          Less Makeup, More Skincare

At this age, many women often use make-up products to cover their flaws. However, this does not really have any long-lasting effect.

As a matter of fact, if you do not properly take care of your skin, it can easily accelerate the aging process of the skin. Instead of putting on makeup, take better care of your skin, which is the actual solution to long-lasting beautiful skin.

–          Skincare From The Inside

These are simple tips that everyone can easily follow:

Do exercise, drink plenty of water, add plenty of vegetables, reduce stress, get enough sleep, and stay away from alcohol.

In addition, add more nutrients in your daily intake to support the process of regenerating and restoring your skin from the inside. Those include omega-3, vitamins, collagen and so on.

–          Deep Cleansing

Completely remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil to absorb other nutrients. However, I usually avoid using facial cleansers that produce too much foam which may cause the loss of moisture.

–          Eliminate Death Cells

In addition to cleansing the skin every evening, exfoliate twice a week to have the smooth skin. However, do not overuse exfoliating products because they can cause wear, thinness, and irritation on the skin.

–          Using Sunscreen Is An Essential Thing! Or A Must!

Ultraviolet light in the sun is the leading cause of skin aging, especially when you get older.

Increasing age means that the skin is weaker and more vulnerable, so anti-aging must be protected from the sun. Use sunscreen products with an SPF 30 every day and carefully shield yourself when you are exposed to the sun for 5-10 minutes.

–          Provides Moisture

Moisturizer helps tighten wrinkles. Moisturizing the skin is the best way to repel aging without any anti-aging cream.

Moisturizer helps replenish water to the skin, reduce dehydration in the epidermis, balance the oil level, and reduce pores. It also helps increase elasticity, firm skin, and make the skin naturally lightened.

You can refer to our moisturizers and exfoliants with all-natural ingredients including our best-selling Japanese Cherry Blossom massage oil, and sugar scrub.

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If you have a question, email us at We would clarify all your concerns.

Wishing you always would be beautiful!


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